Trick or Treat your Halloween, Midterm break at Tara Towers Hotel 

Trick or Treat your Halloween and midterm break at Tara Towers Hotel

Celebrate October Feast and sample some of the best grains and tasty grills at the Tara Towers Hotel, dive in to the burning colours of autumn on the leafy streets of Dublin.

Looking for something spooky this Halloween, well you've come to the right place, Tara Towers Hotel is just 10 Minutes from all the action of old Dublin Town, home to the famous Bram Stoker and his Count Dracula.


At midterm break we love to Trick or Treat and our staff have put together some great ideas for you to have a happy Halloween

A great day out of fun with the children in the Scalp Woods on Dublin

Check out Dublin Pumpkin festival in the Scalp, https://www.scalpwood.com/pumpkin-festival


 This Halloween try a ghoulishly ghostly experience on the living dead, hop the ghost tour bus and share in the gravedigger experience first-hand, and if you really prepared to meet the departed visit the Crips of Old Dublin at St Michans Church.

From fun, fancy dress nights to huge all night Hellfire parties,Halloween ghost hunts in haunted houses to cemeteries there are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween 2017. No matter where you are in Dublin  you’ll find loads of Halloween 'Tricks and Treats' right here on the door step of Dublin.

Bram Stoker Festival at Halloween takes place from 27th - 30th October 2017 so book your break early to get the best rate guarantee.