Blackrock Clinic

Tara Towers is the closest hotel to Blackrock Clinic.

The hotel is in an ideal location on Merrion road which extends on to Rock Road. Blackrock Clinic is one Kilometer away which is a short walk, and could give you time to enjoy the fresh air and views of Booterstown Marsh and Park while you stroll. 
Guests at the Tara Towers Hotel can avail of free parking during the stay.
Transport links at a glance for Blackrock Clinic
  • Dublin Bus
  • Route 4 and 7 stop outside the Tara Towers Hotel 
Blackrock Clinic was founded in 1984, and performs a wide range of medical, surgical and dental procedures at its private healthcare facility in Dublin. Tara Towers hotel accommodates visiting patient’s, families and friends, for long and short term stays depending on your requirements 
Tara Towers Hotel have spacious bedrooms catering for, single, double, twin, triple rooms at good rates. Due to the high standards and proactive approach, Tara Towers Hotel continues to accommodate Blackrock Clinic on a daily bases.
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